Kazoku Collective is a growing network of online communities celebrating things we love. Our focus is on providing spaces for people to geek out about particular niche media that might not otherwise have a dedicated space on the internet. 「家族」 or ‘Kazoku’ is a Japanese word which means ‘family’, and that perfectly describes the kind of communities we hope to foster. It’s about bringing the love back to communities; making it feel less depersonalised and more homely.

Our communities share a passion for discussing and analysing media at great depth, seeking out the deeper messages left behind by the creators we love. They’re fun and welcoming places for everybody to join in celebrating the things they love together. Whether you’re new to the media or a long-time fan, we hope you’ll consider joining one of our families!

Kazamatsuri is a home for English-speaking fans of Key’s visual novels and related media. It is a community of highly introspective and empathic people who often look to Key’s evocative stories for emotional catharsis.

If titles like “CLANNAD”, “Angel Beats!”, “Little Busters!” and “Rewrite” ring any bells, then you’ll have some idea of what Key is all about. If these stories are of any interest to you, we hope you’ll consider joining our family!

Rokkenjima is a new community for English-speaking fans of 07th Expansion and Ryukishi07’s works. For many, the central appeal of 07th Expansion is from the ‘When They Cry’ series of detective fiction, where reality and illusions overlap to obscure the truth.

Whether it be crafting and debating theories, or creating and solving our own mysteries, there’s sure to be something to suit everyone’s tastes. Won’t you join our tea party?

If you are interested in creating a community of your own to add to our network, please contact us with your proposal via email: contact@kazoku.co